Brian Keeler has always thrived on being the “go-to” guy when family, friends and co-workers need a helping hand. Their encouragement and his commitment to aiding others led to the creation of Brian Will Help You LLC.

Brian is essentially the personal assistant you do not need to have full time, but is available to help with a variety of tasks. With Brian’s kind, patient, nurturing demeanor and his reputation for reliability, his business quickly took off.

Brian is an active member of the Skokie Chamber of Commerce and a recipient of the Skokie Park District Exceptional Service Award. He loves to travel, but his heart belongs to the Chicago area.

Brian Will Help You LLC is insured.

Why does Brian love his business?
Because “I feel appreciated after every job.”

My Clients:

Recommend Brian to others who need help.
“It has been my pleasure to employ Brian Keeler for a number of tasks and he performs every one with professionalism and expertise. I have known Brian for over 15 years and cannot recommend him highly enough. Whatever your needs, Brian will find a way to meet AND exceed them.” Steve N.

“I recommended Brian to a friend of mine and he came up to me last week and thanked me profusely for the wonderful recommendation saying that Brian Keeler was exactly what he needed, what a great job he did and how he had already passed his information on to others!”Amy Z.

Trust and rely on Brian.
“Brian was there when I really needed him. He was willing to do whatever I needed. I look forward to having him back!” Jan H.

“It was helpful having Brian’s trusty ‘boots on the ground’ taking care of our condo while we were away. He was also responsive when some unexpected issues arose. Thanks Brian!” Judith S.

Depend on Brian for help with both businesses and home projects.
“I am a professional organizer and help people downsize and pack their belongings for international shipping. During two of my client’s moves, I – myself had an opportunity to move into a condo and had full construction done on it. Several times, I would need help moving the contents of one locker to a temporary locker to another temporary locker to a permanent locker. Sometimes I needed super late hours because I didn’t want to dominate the elevator during day time hours. Brian didn’t insist on a minimum set of hours – like so many others do – and would come help me move things around for one hour or 4-5 hours, and he would try hard to fit into my weird schedule. Some days I had several different tasks all lined up, Brian doesn’t complain, just does the work with a cheerful attitude, even suggesting a better work-flow once he understood what I had planned. Once he came over just to lift a big heavy piece of wrapped furniture in storage to help me photograph water damage for insurance purposes. I would highly recommend Brian because whatever the task – Brian WILL help you!” Devorah H.

“Brian Keeler has helped me on several occasions and is always easy to work with. Once we moved furniture around in my house. Other times have included dropping clothes and china off for fundraising, giving lots of books to my local public library for donation, and taking computer-related equipment in for recycling. He has also helped me with “seasonal” tasks, such as setting up outdoor furniture on the patio. He’s a great resource.” Sally C.